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ViewsForChange & Reward Agency partner to drive impact in eCommerce marketing

By July 12, 2022July 18th, 2022No Comments
Reward Agency & ViewsForChange partner to drive social impact in ecommerce marketing

Impact Marketing Platform, ViewsForChange and B Corp Certified eCommerce web & marketing agency, Reward Agency have teamed up to further the positive impact of our client partners by making giving more tangible.

As a B Corp digital marketing agency, Reward are seeking ways to further the impact they have in their client work continuously. ViewsForChange enables them to work with clients to embed cause donations and impact directly into their campaigns.

eCommerce consumers are becoming more conscious of where they are spending their money – willing to spend more with brands that deliver social impact, and willing to vote with their wallets if a brand’s values don’t align.

Impact driven brands are working impact into their business and marketing models in new ways. This is where the Reward Agency and ViewsForChange partnership comes into play.

Here’s what Nicola Telford (Founder @ ViewsForChange) and Mitchel White (Managing Director @ Reward Agency) had to say:

We're really excited to be partnering with Views For Change to further the positive impact of our client partners by making giving more tangible. We were looking for ways to build on the success of our paid media strategies and Views For Change was the perfect fit, not only do we have a close alignment of values but because of the simplicity of the concept and platform. It just makes sense!

Mitchel WhiteManaging Director, Reward Agency

This is a really exciting partnership for the team at ViewsForChange. Mitchel and the team at Reward Agency are highly impact driven, they're B Corp certified and the work they do with their clients directly aligns with what we're trying to achieve. I can't wait to see how much impact we can make!

Nicola TelfordFounder, ViewsForChange

About Reward Agency

Reward Agency are the B Corp Certified eCommerce web & marketing agency for sustainable direct to consumer brands. We’re on a mission to help conscious brands become the first choice for consumers by supporting Shopify eCommerce brands with their digital growth.

We’re your results driven, problem solving partner to your eCommerce business.

We work across these key service areas:

  • SEO – including consultancy, Technical SEO & On-page/Off-page SEO
  • Shopify – including Custom Store Project (Web Design & Web Development), Shopify Migration (Migrate or Replatform to Shopify), Internationalisation + B2B expansion
  • Google Ads & PPC – including Paid Search (PPC) & Paid Social
  • Digital Strategy & Branding – including Brand Strategy / Identity Design & Marketing Strategy (Communication, Positioning, Go To Market etc.)

About ViewsForChange

ViewsForChange is the Impact Marketing Platform. Enabling brands to integrate, attribute and verify tangible impact in their marketing activity. A first-of-its-kind platform, running ViewsForChange campaigns engages consumers with impact from the first impression, in real-time. 

Our platform works with eCommerce, DTC and B2C marketers that understand the importance of real social impact; not only for consumer engagement, but in creating a more regenerative marketing ecosystem.

Set up is simple: brands can choose a cause they align with; integrate their sources (like Instragram Ads or Tiktok Ads) and attribute a % of their cost-per-action to the cause. This impact is then unlocked when consumers take the desired action; brands can engage their consumers with this impact using our impact widgets (and many more consumer experiences coming soon!)

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Nicola Telford

CEO & Co-Founder of Views For Change.

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