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Views For Change selected by Innovate UK EDGE

By February 27, 2022March 6th, 2022No Comments

Government funded Innovate UK EDGE have selected Views For Change to fund bespoke support that grows and scales innovative businesses.


Innovate UK EDGE empower innovation-driven businesses like Views For Change to grow at pace and achieve their industry- and society-transforming ambitions.

Once engaged, a dedicated innovation and growth specialist works closely and efficiently with our leadership team to gain an intimate understanding of our needs.

Innovate UK EDGE help identify the most effective strategy to accelerate a business’ growth and maximise its potential. And they aim to give you access to the resources to deliver, from investor networks to IP expertise and international partnerships.

“As an innovative business looking to maximise our impact, it is super exciting to be recognised by Innovate UK EDGE and partner with them on their growth programme. We will be working with the experts on this government backed scheme to accelerate our growth and work towards compounding social impact in the businesses our platform serves. Our growth expert, David, has made a huge effort already to understand our value proposition and understand how the support can best be utilised for the greatest impact”

Nicola TelfordCo-Founder & CEO

About Innovate UK EDGE


Innovate UK EDGE is a key part of the UK innovation agency’s deep investment in the pioneering businesses that drive economic growth.

It is a publicly-funded service available to all high potential small to medium sized innovation-driven companies, including Innovate UK grant winners.

About Views For Change


Views For Change makes social impact work for modern businesses.

Modern brands are facing a real hurdle at the moment. 

Consumers are switching away from brands that aren’t positively contributing to society.

With Gen Z’s purchasing power of over £100 billion globally, brands cannot afford to ignore their demands for social impact

The importance of social impact in business is trending, yet, creating a meaningful social impact that integrates with your business activity and resonates with your audience is still really hard. That’s why we created Views For Change.

Our platform is an innovative approach to impact for modern brands. 

The approach is threefold: 

  • Create impact as a reward for action
  • Integrate impact at action touch-points
  • Communicate & verify your impact

Our purpose is to positively change behaviour by rewarding generosity so that people, society and our planet can thrive.

Our vision is to change consumer and corporate behaviour through integrating generosity into traditional business models.

Our mission is to prove that charitable donations are a strong incentive for behaviour change.


Book a demo to discuss how this innovative approach to social impact can support your business goals.

Nicola Telford

CEO & Co-Founder of Views For Change.

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