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Your ads can stop ocean-bound plastic

Ads that do good, do better. Your customers care about ocean plastic pollution. Show them you do too every time they click on your ads and increase your performance with impact.

Away That Day Remove Ocean Plastic With Ads

Your brand cares about plastic pollution in the ocean. Right?


Well – so do your customers.

In fact, 60% of the general public said that plastic pollution is the top priority for restoring ocean health!

So, what does this have to do with your advertising?

What if we told you that there was a way to remove ocean plastic with your ads?

Every time a consumer clicks through your ad, you remove one piece of ocean plastic.

They’re welcomed to your ad landing pages with delight at the positive, tangible impact that’s been created on their behalf.

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How It Works

Here’s how your marketing can become part of the solution to the ocean plastic crisis and support the livelihoods of those worst impacted.

Problems at the scale of ocean plastic pollution require us to come together, to innovate and to involve all stakeholders.

ViewsForChange attributes individual impact to consumer actions on your marketing campaigns to enhance the experience for good.

Everyone wins…


Brands improve their brand value


Consumer actions create impact


Plastic collectors get funding & support


Together, we tackle the ocean plastic crisis.


Away That Day

Check out how Away That Day is stopping ocean-bound plastic every time someone clicks through their instagram ad campaign in this short video. Away That Day are using the story widget to communicate their audience’s impact when they click through their ads.

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Stop ocean-bound plastic with your ads

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Where is ocean-bound plastic collected?

We focus on where plastic pollution is worst, formal waste management lacks, and in coastal areas where rivers enter the ocean. This initiative funds the collection of plastic in Brazil, Egypt, Ghana, India, Indonesia, and The Philippines.

Who runs this initiative?

This initiative is a partnership pioneered by ViewsForChange and Ocean Bottle; working closing with vetted plastic collection partners.

Is there social impact as well as environmental impact?

The vetted collection partners have been chosen based on their scale and attention to improving the collectors’ livelihoods. These organisations actively improve collectors’ lives by making sure wages are regulated, different types of plastic are collected, and workers can access social support. Working with a diverse group of partners gives us the flexibility to allocate funds wherever we can create the biggest impact.

The initiative partners have considered at not only the impact of collection on site but as well what social externalities they are able to create. For example:

– Paying collectors above UN living wage;

– Exchange plastic to access education, health, tuition, tech;
– Women empowerment;
– Social and Financial inclusion
– and more.

What impact reporting is available?

This initiative directly funds plastic collection and the development of formal waste management infrastructure. Every kilogram of plastic collected at our sites is recorded and tracked via regulated banking systems. Our partnership companies know who collected the plastic, at what time, and in what quantities, ensuring total transparency of funding.
Our primary focus is ocean-bound plastic waste: materials that have not been landfilled and are prone to enter waterways, collected within 50km of waterways or coastal areas.
We collect almost every kind of plastic and ensure that it’s put back in a circular loop. High-value plastics are recycled, low-value plastics are up-cycled and hard-to-recycle plastics are co-processed.
During the process, collectors exchange plastic for money and get access to social resources such as healthcare, education, mental health support, and financial security.

How do my audience know that we're part of this initiative?

Using our impact widgets on your landing pages; the consumers that click through your ads are welcomed with a dynamic pop up that communicates the impact you’ve created on their behalf.

Here’s an example:

Is it available in my country?

Brands across the globe can support this initiative provided:

  • You are running ads on our integrations list.
  • If you are paying in other currencies (default GDP) you accept the exchange rate at the time of paying

How much does it cost?

This is a featured initiative on the ViewsForChange platform; so the monthly subscription costs can be found here.

The funds that you generate to fund this initiative are based on the activity on your ads. You can set monthly budgets to control this cost.

To collect one piece of ocean-bound plastic on every ad click, there is a small CPC mark up which is paid through our platform directly to be distributed to the vetted plastic collectors.

The added brand value, and improvements in performance create a return on this additional mark up and create a net positive on your campaigns.

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