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Ozzy Flowers On The Entrepreneur Ethos Podcast

By November 23, 2020January 6th, 2021No Comments

Co-Founder Ozzy Flowers speaks to Jarie Bolander on the Entrepreneur Ethos Podcast about our quest to help make a better world.


Note: This podcast was recorded before we rebranded from The Good Fight to Views For Change.

Jarie introduces the podcast:

Ozzy knew in college he wanted to do something to make a difference. After earning an MBA, he soon came to the conclusion that he needed to be an entrepreneur and founded and ran a marketing agency. When Covid hit, though, he realised he had to make a change, as his agency focused on leisure travel. He’s used the opportunity to go back to his desire to find solutions for problems in the world. He applies what he’s learned in marketing to figure out how to improve the digital marketing space, help companies, and also help causes he cares about.

[Views For Change] has developed a method to both engage consumers and also give both businesses and consumers ways to donate to charitable causes. Ozzy and his cofounder developed their business to address three problems: one, the weariness factor for consumers in online marketing; two, the struggle for charities to raise funds; and three, the need for companies to stand out.

By combining company advertising with people’s desire to help others, [Views For Change] hopes to be a solution to all three of these problems. Ozzy is a prime example of entrepreneurs looking at the current crisis and taking on the challenge of doing better, and finding solutions to problems.

Now let’s get better together.

Host’s Take Aways From The Podcast

  • It’s all about mindset. “We have an option in times of chaos to either decide that we’re going to move forward and see an opportunity or revel in the miseries of the past,” says Flowers.
  • If you’re experiencing discomfort about some aspect of growing, consider the bigger picture. Keeping the end in mind will help you meet challenges and keep moving forward.
  • Flowers believes the majority of people want to help others. How might this attitude be used to improve what you have to offer? How are you helping others in what you do, whether it’s directly or indirectly? How would that change how you approach each day?
Nicola Telford

CEO & Co-Founder of Views For Change.

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