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Views For Change is a purpose-driven ethical advertising agency with a mission to create meaningful and impactful engagements between businesses, charities and communities that have a positive impact for all. Our goal is to create more positivity in the world for every interaction that takes place. 

Through our approach, Views For Change seeks to actively promote positive change, within the marketing and advertising industry and in the industries of our stakeholders, that leads to a more positive and fair future for all. We want to make a difference, and we want to work with people that do too. 

We value kindness, integrity, earnestness and respect; and we believe that our business practices should uphold these values for all people that touch our work and the planet.

Working with you

A large part of the impact we have on the world revolves around the type of people we work with and the businesses and organisations we promote. 

We work with a variety of clients from different industries, and have an internal screening process before committing to any project. We have a range of factors to consider, including if potential clients currently have (or are committed to working towards) a social, ethical or environmental mission or purpose. 

Collectively, we will then determine if we feel that there is a good fit between us, and whether we are the right company to promote the organisation, business or their products.

We want to ensure we’re all on the same page from the outset. 

We aim to work with clients, and on projects that have multiple of these factors:

  • Have a social, ethical or environmental mission or purpose 
  • Raise awareness of important environmental, social and ethical issues 
  • Promotes positive behaviour changes
  • Are teacher brands for positive movements, doing this genuinely without greenwashing to inflate their ethical credentials for brand credibility 
  • Encourage and supports sustainability and, or healthy lifestyles 
  • Promotes a healthy natural environment 
  • Provides customers with positive education on a particular product or service 
  • Reduces consumption of high environmental impact products & goods 
  • Highlights ethical problems and tackles injustice 
  • Promotes fairness, inclusivity and equality in the workplace
  • Is a Certified B Corp, social enterprise or non-profit organisation 


We will not work with clients or undertake projects that directly promote any of the following:

  • Fossil fuels or high carbon initiatives, without a true and well-known vision and large scientific backing that the initiative is going to advance our fight against climate change or environmental conservation
  • A proven record of lobbying against the environment 
  • A proven record of lobbying against positive change 
  • Arms, ammunition and conflict
  • Discrimination or extremism
  • Gambling, tobacco or unhealthy products aimed at children 
  • Predatory financial services such as loan sharks
  • Any known discrimination towards less represented communities 


No such thing as perfect

We recognise that there is no such this as a perfect. We’re all on a journey and there may be some cases where the businesses we work with display on both positive and negative screening. In this instance, we will discuss with the internal stakeholders and directors to determine if a positive solution can be met.


This policy will be reviewed annually.

Nicola Telford

CEO & Co-Founder 

December 2020

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