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Views For Change is a purpose-driven advertising agency with a mission to create meaningful and impactful engagements between businesses, charities and communities that have a positive impact for all. Our goal is to create more positivity in the world for every interaction that takes place. 

Through our approach, Views For Change seeks to actively promote positive change, within the marketing and advertising industry and in the industries of our stakeholders, that leads to a more positive and fair future for all. We want to make a difference, and we want to work with people that do too. 

We value kindness, integrity, earnestness and respect; and we believe that our business practices should uphold these values for all people that touch our work, and the planet.

We ask all those who work on our campaigns to commit to this policy.


Fake News & Misinformation 

Whilst our campaigns are designed for specific key platforms, which are vetted and whitelisted, to minimise the risk of ad misplacement we: 

Our policies are guided by some of the key principles outlined by the Digital Trading Standards Group (DTSG) & Conscious Advertising Network: 

  • The buying or selling of digital display and audio advertising will always follow a Primary Agreement or Contract.
  • This includes where the advertising should (or shouldn’t) appear, using independently-certified Content Verification (CV) tools or schedules.
  • We minimise ad misplacement by…
  • In the event of an ad misplacement, we have an effective process for takedown. 
  • We do not place adverts on sites and outlets dedicated to intentionally commercialise fake news and report to the Association of Publishers (AOP) the publications or platforms which do.
  • Implement the Infringing Website List (IWL) from the City of London Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU).
  • Protect ads from being placed on false news sites using blocklists or digital tools.

Diversity In Content 

Views For Change & it’s associates will endeavour to:

  • Break, flip and understand the impact of stereotyping throughout creative work, plus how all work falls under the Equalities Act with our teams considering the ASA Guidelines on Gender Stereotyping.
  • Ensure diversity and inclusion is considered from all aspects throughout the design thinking process, from the way research is conducted to the briefs, content output and right down to ad serving.
  • Consider ‘brand safety’ settings, which can have the unintended consequence of excluding minority audiences, creating instead unique ad buys to support minority audiences.

Hate Speech 

Views For Change & it’s associates:

  • Will use our influence as an advertiser to challenge digital platforms to improve controls to prevent inadvertent support of hate speech.
  • Use a Blocklist of keywords or Site List selection that aligns with our brand values, but avoid exclusionary generalisations such as words based on communities of people.
  • Will block negative statements which incite violence or discrimination against a particular group, or contain dehumanising language.
  • Will block negative misinformation, or overwhelmingly negative stories targeting a particular group, and coverage which makes unnecessary reference to race, religion or gender.
  • Adopt and apply ISBA’s best practice guidelines on countering hate speech through owned social media channels
  • Encourage clients to adopt and apply ISBA’s best practice guidelines on countering hate speech through owned social media channels.

Children’s Well-being 

Whilst it is highly unlikely we will engage in child-focused advertising campaigns, in the event this did occur, Views For Change would:

  • Before any campaign relating to child-focused advertising, consult the ASA CAP Guidance and other regulatory bodies. 
  • Communicate with parents when planning campaigns.
  • Label advertising clearly, using simple language.
  • Include a diverse variety of positive role models.
  • Ensure safe, digital engagement with no data collection. For specific child focussed campaigns, we would consider the use of a child-safe technology platform, like SuperAwesome.

And for non-child focussed advertising, Views For Change:

  • Reduce exposure to age inappropriate advertising by using sophisticated targeting mechanisms.
  • Implement and look for strong age verification systems on websites.
  • Ensure transparency around media placement.
  • Consult JICWEBS brand safety principles.
  • Ensure we are able to justify ad placement choices, particularly for new ad formats or platforms.


Informed Consent 

GDPR compliance is considered a minimum standard at Views For Change and we aspire to meet the principles of the WPA. We also: 

  • Use targeting techniques that are accurate, respectful and helpful, involve people’s input where possible, use frequency caps and take a strategic approach to retargeting.
  • Use ad formats and strategies which are, and look, trustworthy and which send people to content and products which publishers feel proud to promote.
  • Consult the Coalition for Better Ads standards when building campaigns and aspire to implement Acceptable Ads standards too. 


This policy will be reviewed annually.

Nicola Telford

CEO & Co-Founder 

December 2020

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