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Ethical marketing campaigns for brands that care

Ads that do good, do better. We’ve designed a paid social advertising service that reaches and exceeds your marketing goals, while doing good in the world. Request a discovery call today or read on to find out how this service works.

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We help brands build ethical marketing campaigns that perform

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Drive paid social results with ethical marketing

Consumers love purpose and impact. They want to buy from brands that can prove they are doing good. ViewsForChange brings this to the consumer’s first impression of your brand; and involves them in the impact journey.

We create ads that perform and do good in the world

Attributing impact to consumer actions on your ads enables your brand to scale donations with your ad performance. We build campaigns that drive paid social performance so bigger success = bigger impact!

Reporting that tracks performance and positive social impact

  • Performance reporting
  • Impact dashboard
  • Impact profile to showcase total impact

How Paid Social For Good Works

With decades of B2C paid social digital marketing experience in our team; we have designed a managed service that enables brands to reach, engage and convert their audience while generating positive impact in the world.

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We work with you and your team to outline your audience & goals and align your brand with a cause that you and they care about. We compile our discovery into a build & deliver plan.



We create content, write brilliant ad copy and set up your campaigns for success. We integrate with our impact marketing technology and configure our impact communication tools.



Your paid social campaign goes live! We manage and optimise based on the feedback data from your audiences and you start creating an impact with your ads.



We regularly report on the success of your campaign & you can track the impact you’re creating in our portal. We build in brand uplift studies for additional reporting on how well your brand is being perceived.

ViewsForChange creates impact while driving ROAS

*ROAS = Return On Ad Spend


ROAS for Jump


ROAS for capital karts


Experienced Team

Decades of combined experience with paid social digital marketing and advertising in the team.


Impact Driven

An impact driven team with two express goals – to reach your goals and do good at the same time.


Brand Value

Brand uplift studies included to show your team how well your campaigns and brand are being received by your audience.


For Your Brand

Designed specifically for brands that want to create a positive impact with their advertising.

Managed Service FAQs

How much does the managed service cost?

Our managed service are charged on a campaign basis initially. Prices start from around £3500 + VAT per month.

This doesn’t include ad budget which is paid directly through the ad platforms.

How many channels can be managed?

Our basic package includes one channel but we can add on channels to build a multi-channel managed service.

The channels we offer are:

  • Meta – Facebook & Instagram
  • Tiktok
  • Google

How are my ads doing good?

In the discover phase, we align your brand with a cause. With our impact marketing technology, we then attribute donations from your brand to this cause every time someone takes action on your ads. We communicate this with your audience to improve performance and brand value.

How will ViewsForChange communicate with us?

All our managed service clients have a slack channel with your account manager and another member of the team. This means you can contact us at any time.
We also have regular reporting in place on campaign performance and impact generated.

What if I'm currently working with an agency to do paid social advertising?

We’re not competing with paid social advertising agencies on traditional ad campaigns.

We’re delivering ads that do good.

If you’re working with an agency or freelancer on your campaigns you can:

  • Use our impact marketing platform to integrate impact into your existing campaigns
  • Use our managed service to create a new campaign that doesn’t interrupt any existing relationships with agencies.

We’re happy to chat about collaborating with your existing agencies.

Do you do managed services for brand new companies?

Yes, we can be the first team to support you in set up of ads.

There may be some extra set up costs involved but we’ll tell you that upfront.

Who do you work with?

We are experienced B2C marketers who have worked with countless brands.

We work with DTC, subscription and consumer goods brands to create impact marketing campaigns that do good in the world.

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