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LGBTQ+ Charities Your Business Can Support In Pride Month & Beyond [Updated]

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LGBTQ charities to support

This article was originally written in pride month 2021; we’ve updated it for 2022!

Pride first came to London in 1972 and celebrates the influences of the LGBTQ + community.

Parades are a prominent feature of Pride month, and across the world cities host street parties, community events, poetry readings, public speaking, street festivals and educational sessions.

Pride is also used as an opportunity to peacefully protest and raise political awareness of current issues facing the LGBTQ+ community.

Due to the restrictions due to the global pandemic, events were postponed in 2021, with many returning this year.

Here at ViewsForChange, we believe that supporting the fabric of charities that do incredible work to create change for the better is a responsibility for everyone.

So, we want to highlight a number of amazing LGBTQ+ charities that you can support this month, and beyond!

Why support charities? At the beginning of the pandemic, in April 2020, Rishi Sunak revealed the government’s support plan for charities. However, despite this, research published by the COVID-19 Voluntary Sector Impact Barometer shows that one in 10 charities believe they will be forced to close within a year.

In 2021, 40% of charities and community groups are in a worsening financial situation, with two in five organisations reporting that their financial position had deteriorated quickly towards the end of 2020.

If you are a part of or an ally, as a brand or as an individual to the LGBTQ+ community, there are plenty of UK charities working to support queer people and causes that you can get behind.

Throughout the pandemic, these charities have worked tirelessly to ensure that people in vulnerable situations are still cared for, even if they can’t be with their peers physically.

And, with statistics showing lockdown is having a severe impact on the mental health of LGBTQ individuals, their work is more important now than ever.

If you are considering how your brand can do more to support LGBTQ+ charities now and in the future – consider booking a call with ViewsForChange  and donating to these amazing causes in your advertising.

Your audiences care about supporting Pride Month & supporting LGBTQ+ communities beyond June, and you can do more to support them, and show your support in every interaction with consumers!

LGBT Foundation

Based in Manchester, the LGBT Foundation has pivoted its 45-year-old support services to focus on urgent needs tied to the coronavirus pandemic. Currently, it offers 500 hours of counselling by phone each day.

LGBT Foundation


Brighton-based charity MindOut provides mental health services by and for the LGBTQIA+ community. Its primary focus is on supporting those in crisis through legal guidance, counselling and access to peer networks.


The Proud Trust

Based in Manchester, The Proud Trust is named after its vital mission: “That every young person can be proud of their identity, without fear or shame.” To that end, it hosts youth groups and networking events, and offers essential resources about gender, sexuality and coming out.

House Of Rainbow

House of Rainbow works to empower members of the BAME LGBTQIA+ community through everything from asylum seekers’ support to mental health counselling.

House of Rainbow


Mermaids is a UK charity that helps transgender children and young people, as well as their families.

They work to raise awareness about gender nonconformity and campaign for the recognition of gender dysphoria.

Mermaids Logo

The Outside Project

The Outside Project functions as a crisis shelter for members of the LGBTQIA+ community at risk of homelessness – a particularly crucial mission during the pandemic.

Albert Kennedy Trust

According to The Albert Kennedy Trust, 24 percent of homeless young people identify as LGBT. Of those people, 77 percent believe that coming out to their parents was the main factor for their homelessness.

This charity aims to help those people and last year they provided 6,075 nights of accommodation to vulnerable LGBT young people.

The Albert Kennedy Trust changes name and rebrands

Gendered Intelligence

With volunteer staff in London, Leeds and Bristol, Gendered Intelligence supports young trans people aged eight to 25. This year, its annual summer camps have shifted online – with dozens of youth programmes offered each week, from group meetings to one-on-one support.

Gendered Intelligence: Understanding diversity in creative ways

Stonewall Equality

Founded 30 years ago by luminaries such as Ian McKellan and Lisa Power, Stonewall Equality fights for inclusive communities, schools and workplaces across Britain.

Kaleidoscope Trust

The Kaleidoscope Trust supports the human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people all around the world.

They work with parliamentarians, government ministers, officials and policymakers to make a difference.

Just Like Us

Just Like Us is an LGBT+ charity aiming to “empower young people to be role models championing LGBT+ equality at school and work.”

Based in the UK, it’s building a national network of university student volunteers who go into secondary schools to share their LGBT+ stories, eradicate stereotypes, and explain why LGBT+ equality is so important.


Devoted to supporting the LGBTQIA+ Muslim community and non-Muslim allies, Hidayah literally means “guidance” in Arabic. It offers popular safe spaces in which to socialise, as well as a range of spiritual and education services for queer youths.


Human Dignity Trust

The Human Dignity Trust  uses the law to defend the human rights of LGBT people all around the world.

They work with lawyers and activists to defend human rights in countries where gay sex is criminalised across Europe, Africa, Asia, the Pacific and the Caribbean.

Human Dignity Trust

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