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8 Last Minute Christmas Marketing Campaign Ideas

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Christmas Marketing Campaign Ideas

Looking for last minute Christmas marketing campaign ideas to implement easily? Cutting through the noise at this time of year is hard, especially when you’re late to the game. We’ve pulled together a quick list of christmas marketing ideas you can get started today!

This year has gone by in a flash. You can be forgiven for not having your Christmas marketing campaigns in order. It feels like only a moment ago we were putting on our festive PJs and locking down for the most bizarre Christmas most of us have ever experienced.

Ideally, we’d have started our Christmas marketing campaigns back in October (or even earlier in some cases!). But for those of us who just haven’t had a chance, this article lists some last minute christmas marketing ideas you can implement quickly and easily.

This time of year can be very stressful for ecommerce and retail business owners. Many people are winding down, but you feel like you haven’t quite done yourself justice in the festive season. Add a few of these marketing ideas to your ‘daily goals’ and make sure you give yourself the gift of some rest this year.

If you’re worried that everyone’s already finished their christmas shopping. Don’t fret. Turns out, around 40% of shoppers do the majority of their shopping in December. There’s a lot of searching for the best gifts still going on, which means you can boost your sales once again before the year is over.

It’s not too late to kick off a few final pre-Christmas efforts, and here’s why: The biggest year-over-year increase for eCommerce sales was on December 23. There was a 56% growth rate in eCommerce sales on this day.

And don’t forget, you’ll have another chance to make Christmas sales even after the conversion cliff date, and that is on December’s highest traffic day: the day after Christmas.

 1. Partner with a good cause

Christmas time is synonymous with gifts & giving. That’s no different for your business. It’s been an extremely tough period for charities, as they face a £10bn funding gap and volunteering resources are scarce.

At Views For Change, we believe corporate giving is an all year round activity that supports your business; and PR Weekly agree.

There are many ways to incorporate business donations into your christmas marketing. We enable businesses to reward advertising engagements with donations to charity, for example.

But you could also choose a charity to support and:

  • donate for every sale made between now and Christmas
  • give your customers a chance to donate at checkout

Don’t forget, there are some trends in this area you cannot ignore. More than 90% of shoppers worldwide are likely to switch to brands supporting a good cause.

Communicating your donation to your audience is vital, which is why we focus on the early stages of the customer lifecycle; so make sure your cause marketing campaign is clear.

2. Festive Landing Pages

Sprucing up your landing pages to include some Christmas cheer is an activity you can get done right now.

You need to show your customers that you’re turning up for Christmas and that you have some offers for them.

It’s important to focus on ease of navigation. Don’t uproot your user experience for a last-minute offer. The first rule to get higher conversions is to give the visitors what they are looking for. And they’re looking for your Christmas offerings; so bring them front and centre.

Christmas Marketing Campaign Landing Page

3. Focus on Retention

Most customers that make a purchase from an online store during November and December will never return again.

According to Remarkety, in the US, the average lifetime value of a customer with one order is $137.62. The average lifetime value of a customer with more than one order is $333.90. Increasing retention rates by 5% can increase your profits by 25% to 95%.

Increasing profits means that you have more money you can donate to good causes. 

Remarkety CLTV

The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60%-70% while selling to a new prospect is 5%-20%.

It’s likely you have predictive analysis tools in place that can give you an indication of who is likely to be a repeat buyer.

There are many ways you can create value for potentially loyal customers. Our research shows that giving back on behalf of your customers is one of the best ways to improve brand loyalty.

4. Delight your customers with rich media

Whether it’s gifs or video, these touches add a spark to your festive marketing campaigns.

Nordstrom used a gif to delight their customers when they visit their Christmas landing page.

Nordstrom Christmas Marketing GIF

If you don’t have time to pull together gifs (they’re easy to make so give it a go!) or video; then be sure to use bright and bold colours, focusing on the visuals in your Christmas marketing efforts.

It’s a safe bet that customers visiting your website are (probably!) looking for Christmas gifts. They’re already busy, so make things easier for them with visual components and less words.

Take a look at how Fortnum & Mason bring bold festive colours into their product imagery.

Fortnum & Mason Christmas Products

5. Make Gift Cards the focus

Shoppers that are scouring for gifts at this time of year are usually buying for someone else.

And in many cases, they aren’t sure what they would want.

If you don’t have time to build out effective user journeys to support them in their search for the perfect gift; gift cards are a great tool to offer as an alternative.

In fact, lean into this approach and you could quickly create a full christmas marketing campaign from gift cards alone. Use email & landing pages to promote these as if they were a standalone product.

Gift cards can also be used for re-marketing, referrals, competitions or to retain loyal customers.

Christmas marketing gift cards

6. Create a gift guide

You know your products and offerings better than anyone. That means you also know which ones are most likely to make a good gift.

Pulling together a gift guide is a great way to help your customers find what they’re looking for. You could even apply different criteria based on audiences.

This may seem like a daunting task, but it’s actually very simple. There are a few ways to do this:

Gifts by category

Wool & The Gang used a gift guide to entice customers to ‘get gifting’. They then have categorised their products by craft, level and ideas.

Wool & The Gang Christmas Marketing Gift Guide
Wool & The Gang Christmas Marketing Gift Guide

This is a great way for gift buyers to know where to start.

Gifts by personality

elfCosmetics Christmas Marketing Gift Guide

When buying gifts for our loved ones, we naturally think about their personality and interests. That’s why organising gift guides around different personality types helps users quickly associate your products with the recipients in their minds. This example from elfCosmetics shows how to do this.

Gifts by price

Snowe Christmas Marketing Gift Guide

Budgets are tight around Christmas, even though (or maybe because!)we’re all spending lots of money on gifts. Enabling customers to filter by price means they can immediately understand if the gifts you’re offering are within their price range.

Probably the most straight forward approach, as seen in the example from Snowe, but a great place to start if you’re pulling together a last minute christmas marketing campaign focused on gift guides.

Wrapping up your gift guide

A gift guide can be really simple to implement – most of the categories listed are just applying criteria you already know.

The real art comes into wrapping up your gift guide as a personalised experience.

Anthropologie market their Christmas gift guide as a concierge service:

Anthropologie Christmas Gift Guide

And Outdoor Voices showcase customer imagery to make their content more relatable:

Outdoor Voices Social Proof Christmas Gift Guide

7. Use seasonal keywords for PPC

eCommerce traffic for gift buying is frenzied in the run up to Christmas.

It’s too late to take advantage of organic traffic (this is a last-minute guide after all!) and it’s likely you haven’t created content that ranks for such search terms, it’s too late to create it and get it to rank now.

All is not lost, however. You can still act on this traffic by creating highly engaging landing pages (as above). Then, to reach your audience, you don’t need to wait for your page to be seen and ranked by Google. Instead, you can run PPC ads to target these specific searches.

Just take a look at the trends in search terms around Christmas.

Christmas MArketing Campaign Keyword Searches
Christmas MArketing Campaign Keyword Searches

Use Google Keyword Planner (or alternative tool) to determine what the best search terms you’re PPC campaign should optimise for. Then prepare some content (this is a great way to utilise your christmas gift guide content). Prepare your campaign and send it out to the world.

8. Don’t forget after Christmas

You know that hazy time of the year between Christmas and New Year. When no one knows what day it is. Well, don’t forget about it.

Many shoppers are browsing in this time to distract themselves from their uncle telling that same story they’ve heard 4 times already.

Others are disappointed by the gifts they received (ungrateful bunch!).

You can use this time to follow up with customers and fulfil their desires.

Getting started with your Christmas Marketing Campaign

So, we’ve given you a list of 8 key last-minute christmas marketing campaign ideas.

Hopefully each section provides enough information to get started.

It’s important not to feel overwhelmed. After all, you’re reading this because you’re running out of time.

Our suggestion is to pick one or two and do them well. Don’t try and do them all.

These Marketing Campaign Ideas Aren’t Just For Christmas

You may be in a frenzy right now as all roads lead to Christmas. But let’s just stop and breathe for a second.

These christmas marketing ideas can actually be applied throughout the year, with much the same success.

Take donating to a charity for example. We’ve found that this is effective throughout the year; as consumers demand more from businesses by way of social impact.

Equally, gift guides can be implemented on many different holidays; such as valentines or easter.

Learning how to implement an effective PPC campaign is ALWAYS useful. And landing pages & effective use of rich media should be part of every marketing campaign you activate.

In our team here at Views For Change, we believe that lots of work can be repurposed and this improves marketing efficiency. And this works both ways. So look back at what you’ve already done that you can use now. And any work you do last-minute in the run up to Christmas, think about how this can be deployed in different formats in the future.

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