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connect with others in our impact community

The ViewsForChange community is designed to help social impact driven organisations & charities to connect, share inspiration and ask questions.

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Who is our impact community a perfect fit for?

Founders & Entrepreneurs

If your business is impact-driven and puts purpose before profit, you’ll fit right in!

Marketing Directors & Managers

Looking to share inspiration on injecting social impact into your marketing? Join us!

CSR Managers & Champions

You get what impact really means. Connect & learn with others to create more impact.

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impact community FAQs

Is joining the community free?

The ViewsForChange community is completely free.

However, some areas are reserved only for ViewsForChange users!

All ViewsForChange users are automatically invited to the community.

Who should join?

We understand that job titles these days come in many forms. The community is for anyone in organisations looking to create a social impact in new & exciting ways.

This could mean the following:

  • marketing budget holders at ‘for good’ brands or agencies
  • impact driven founders and entrepreneurs
  • CSR directors, managers and champions
  • business fundraising charity operators

Still not sure? Request to join and we’ll let you know if this would be a good fit for you or not!

Is the community public?

One of our core values is transparency, so the core channels of the community are public.

You do still have to be invited to engage with the community and connect with other members.

Can I promote my brand in the community?

No. Unless you’re sharing tips or inspiration about how others can make an impact, we operate a ‘no promotions or spam’ policy. You can read more about this in our guidelines:

“No Promotions or Spam. Self-promotion, spam and irrelevant links are not allowed. If content is shared, please add context about why it’s relevant to the Community and its members.”

Posts that don’t meet this criteria may be removed.

getting started in the community

I'm part of the impact community - what do I do now?

Woohoo! We’re so excited to connect with you.

First port of call is to read our community guidelines and introduce yourself (and your organisation) in the ‘say hi!‘ channel.

Take a look around the different channels and get stuck in. Comment, like, share inspiration!

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