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Elevate: In Conversation With Hello Earth

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Sustainability is becoming the norm rather than something extra, and recent research showed that 66% of global consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable products and services. As sustainability´s importance gradually increases, we were delighted to speak to Stephanie Fisher, Founder & Commercial Director at Hello Earth, to discuss sustainability in marketing, the way they are helping brands, and how the pandemic highlighted the importance of CSR.

Hello Earth is a sustainable advertising agency creating a culture of change within the advertising industry using performance marketing.

Whilst performance and values are at the core of what they do; on a personal level they are a bunch of genuine, inventitive, passionate, authentic humans who are invested in every interaction and are always hungry to learn as they say.

Here’s what Stephanie had to say when we chatted to her:

What is the mission of Hello Earth?


Our mission is to create a culture of change within the marketing and advertising industry. As an advertising agency our role is promoting attitudes, lifestyles and behaviours, which is why we understand the responsibility we have to the economy. We believe consumer adoption and creating demand for evolving solutions is an important requirement in achieving broader ethical and sustainable practices within the industry.

What do you think sets your agency apart from your competitors?


There are multiple levels to Hello Earth, we have the agency, an SME publication (The Earth Collective), consulting arm and VIP hub of multifaceted learning – we cater to any SME no matter their budget or entry point, providing they are values aligned

Whilst performance and values is at the core of what we do; on a personal level we are a bunch of genuine, inventitive, passionate, authentic humans who are invested in every interaction and are always hungry to learn – that’s our point of difference. 

What role do you see sustainability playing in the future of marketing?


I believe the role of sustainability will force brands to become more transparent about their values, culture, products, supply chain, product ethos and CSR. There is a very clear movement happening among consumers who have an appetite for buying better, and the demand for brand transparency is on the rise. However, the marketing industry is facing one of it’s biggest challenges when it comes to regulating claims, industry standards and greenwashing. 

We are already seeing ad campaigns being shut down for misleading claims, with the likes of Oatly receiving incredible backlash and things will only get tougher as the industry and regulatory bodies play catch up. Embedding your CSR and sustainability strategy into your marketing strategy is paramount to any business in 2022 and beyond. 

Is there something that especially associates marketing with sustainability that you would like to point out?


Marketing creates demand and it’s developed an expectancy of having lots of ‘things’ and having them quickly and cheaply.  As an industry we should be acknowledging the impact we have on consumerism and social responsibility, encouraging consumers to act more considered. No brand can currently be 100% sustainable or perfect, but a collective change of small steps is what we need to work together as a force for good.

How have brands been using your services so far, and how have you helped them?


Performance marketing has and always will be at the heart of what we do. Since Hello Earth was founded, results driven performance has meant the life or death of our agency and fortunately for us we’re pretty good at what we do. Some of our clients have been with us since we were founded in 2018, and we have taken them on a significant journey of growth. Some of our case studies you can find here.

Hello Earth is all about helping mission-driven brands leverage their purpose.

Is there any particular brand with outstanding purpose you wish more people knew about?


We would love to list a number of our clients, but a real stand out for us is VIRÓN. VIRÓN is a plant-based footwear brand following a slow fashion approach with a focus on circularity and a philosophy. Using certified materials, recycled rubbers, and as little virgin materials as possible VIRÓN actually turns food waste into footwear. Having recently been featured in Kanye West’s latest music video and frequently worn by Machine Gun Kelly, they are the epitome of

consciousness is the new cool

Why are businesses becoming more focused on sustainability and the main benefits of doing that?


Sustainability is not an ideology but a necessity in future-proofing a company for the 21st Century. The ecommerce industry and people need to review their responsibility for its output and impact, and help create the society changes that our world demands.

This will come from healthier supply chains, recycling and second hand initiatives, a new era of packaging, and the adoption of circular thinking and product service systems.

Do you think the pandemic played a role in shining a light on the importance of CSR?


Most definitely. I feel the pandemic in general was a bit of a reset, it turned ‘normal’ upside down and in doing so has inadvertently taught us patience, the meaning of connections and gave us the time we needed to reevaluate. Doing good no longer feels like an obligation but a necessity to doing business more authentically.

What attracted you to Views For Change to support your impactful journey?


We engaged with Views For Change as we saw an opportunity to further leverage the impact we make as an agency and for our clients. Achieving balance between profit and purpose has been a continued conversation in our agency and the challenge we face is being able to scale a brand whilst maintaining social impact. 

Views For Change allows us to strike a balance between profit and purpose

Not only do the performance features mean we can build on client campaign success but the CSR element unlocks additional meaning. Bigger success = bigger impact and we are excited to continue exploring our partnership.

We´d like to say a huge thank you to Stephanie at Hello Earth for taking the time to talk to us. We would HIGHLY recommend checking out their website and revealing the amazing case studies of how they´ve helped brands they work with and exploring how they can help your brand as well!

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