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Elevate: In Conversation With bibic

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bibic is a small national charity based in Langport, Somerset. 

Delivering assessments and bespoke developmental therapy to children and young adults aged six months to 25 years old, who are seen with or without a diagnosis and support a wide range of neurological and genetic conditions such as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), ADHD, Cerebral Palsy, Global Developmental Delay (GDD), Down’s syndrome, Sensory processing difficulties and many more.

Pip Buckley, COO at bibic said: “Often, following our support, children and young adults feel better understood by their parents and carers and are better able to manage their behaviour, emotions and sensory systems through the tools and advice we provide. 

“Parents often talk of how bibic gave them a lifeline when they had nowhere else to turn.”

We sat down with Pip to talk more about the charity, adapting in a pandemic, the importance of business support and innovation to charities and how we can all support the amazing work the charity is doing. 

With change comes opportunity.

We asked Pip how the pandemic has impacted the work bibic does since charities are widely reported to be the worst hit organisations.

“It’s been hard, as we haven’t been able to run events for fundraising. bibic receives no Government funding and relies solely on donations.

“But with change comes opportunity.“

Praising the adaptability of the teams working at bibic, Pip commented “We are small enough that when the pandemic hit, we were able to quickly move assessments online and continue to support parents and carers. We moved our two day face-to-face assessment via video call, as well as developed new flexible one-hour consultations on a variety of topics.” 

In terms of funding, there have been some lifelines. “Emergency grants and trusts were set up to support charities like ours adversely impacted. When The Government’s Covid-19 funding was launched with The National Lottery Community Fund for example, bibic was fortunate to secure £79,000. It provided us with financial resilience during this challenging time.”

The support of businesses during this time is critical.

We talked recently about the importance of businesses stepping up to support charities. Pip agreed that “The support of businesses during this time is critical. 

“In non-COVID times we’d be running events, people would be out fundraising be it running a marathon or hosting coffee mornings. 

“Businesses not only provide access to large groups of people which often leads to financial donations but they also provide valuable skills.

“On a positive note, the growth of online networking meetings has helped us raise the bibic profile and some funds are now starting to come through as a result of this.”

Some people have been really innovative.

We asked Pip if she had experienced organisations and individuals finding new ways to support bibic

“Definitely, some people have been really innovative.

“We’ve had children getting sponsored for doing back-flips on a trampoline and others doing a 12 hour swim-a-thon.

“A lot of businesses are looking closer at their Corporate Social Responsibility perhaps reflecting their gratefulness that they are still able to trade. Some are now looking to their future support of charities and establishing a longer term relationship.”

Referencing The Insolvency Company’s current Views For Change campaign where donations are unlocked for each video view and ad click, Pip said: “Businesses who work collaboratively towards supporting a charity can make the biggest impact. A great example of this would have to be Views for Change and The Insolvency Company with the support of Tusko.”

With fundraising opportunities squeezed and the need for funding the vital work of bibic, this “means support of businesses, like Views For Change is vital.”

We need to raise awareness of the great work we do.

To round up, we asked Pip to tell us how anyone reading this can support bibic

“To help bibic grow, we need to raise awareness of the great work we do. In order to do that, this year we will be providing more information via our social media channels, including ideas for supporting parents and carers of children with learning difficulties and disabilities. We’ll [also] be sign posting online seminars we are running, whilst also talking about how people can support us longer term” 

The more funding we get, the more children we can help.

“We have bibic’s sponsor a child which helps make a great difference to a child now and into the future. The demand for bibic’s service is huge so the more funding we get, the more children we can help.”

We’d like to say a huge thank you to Pip and the bibic team for taking the time to talk to us about the amazing work they are doing. We look forward to continuing to support such vital work in the future. Please do what you can to support this amazing charity.

Nicola Telford

CEO & Co-Founder of Views For Change.

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