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partner with brands and raise passive funds for your cause

Charities & Causes that are listed on the ViewsForChange platform have the opportunity to partner with brands that want to donate via their advertising. Fill in the form to speak to the team about getting featured.

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We help your charity reach donors so you can focus on delivering impact

Unlock passive donations to your charity

We’ll put your cause on our platform to be discovered by brands looking to donate every time someone interacts with their ads.

Reach further new potential consumer donors

Put your cause brand in-front of millions of consumers through your partner brand advertising

What we look for in our cause partners


Alignment to UN SDGs

Ideal cause partners have a clear idea of what sustainable development goals they are working towards.


Demonstrable Impact

It’s important our cause partners have specific and tangible impact reporting for donations raised.


Strong Brand

Causes with a strong and innovative brand with an understanding of the value of engagement and partnerships.

Become a featured cause or charity

Build a featured initiative with ViewsForChange as a featured cause

  • Active promotion of your cause to brands
  • Targeted marketing campaign to find new donors
  • Pitch material for brand partners