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The InSOLVEncy Company launches campaign supporting bibic

By January 20, 2021No Comments

a family run insolvency practice that puts people at the heart of their work have engaged Views For Change to run a full donation-led campaign to build their brand and support bibic.

Why A Views For Change Campaign?

There are many reasons to engage with a Views For Change campaign. 

Predominantly, the campaigns are designed to enable businesses with purpose at their core to demonstrate their values by rewarding engagement with donations to their chosen charity. 

By aligning with a charity, companies can show their dedication to supporting communities that need help. This is especially important during the pandemic

UK Charities have lost £6.4bn of income in the last six months. Many are facing bankruptcy. We believe that businesses that care about helping people need to find ways to support local causes. 

In this campaign, for each person that interacts with our ads, The InSOLVEncy Company will make a donation to bibic. Making a difference is that simple.

What’s more, businesses see higher rates of engagement on their campaigns when they choose to value their audience’s time to engage with their company and reward this with a donation.

"We immediately loved the concept of giving to charity as a reward for engagement with our campaign. As a people focused company, this initiative is a great way for us to show our values in action. For many, this will be their first engagement with our brand so to be able to say we’re donating to a cause that matters to us as a 'thank you for your time' really gets the relationship off to a great start."

Steph BuckleyDirector, The InSOLVEncy Company

The Campaign

The donation triggers that will be used align with the key goals of the campaign: video views and ad clicks.

The client worked with the awesome team at Tusko to create a video for the campaign (and hopefully other uses too!). The goal was to showcase their human approach to what can be a very difficult time in people’s lives. 

The video will form the basis of the Views For Change ‘Watch To Donate’ element of the campaign; where The InSOLVEncy Company will be making a donation for each unique 15 second video view. 

How do the audience know that a donation will be made on their behalf? We took the content created by Tusko and applied our donation signaller wrap, which indicates to users that by watching 15 seconds of the video or more, a donation will be unlocked and made on their behalf. 

We also worked with a design team to prepare ‘Click To Donate’ and ‘Swipe To Donate’ static ads that signal a donation will be made for each ad click or swipe up on stories. 

For those who choose to engage and click through, they will be thanked for their donation via a bridge page, before being taken to a specially designed landing page that tells the story of the company, their connection to the charity & how they can help; with a clear call to action. 

By rewarding the audience for their engagement with a donation on their behalf, The InSOLVEncy Company hopes to start their relationships with potential clients & partners on the right foot; living their values.

What does the donation go towards?

As part of our standard campaign model, we think it is vital that the audiences who choose to engage and unlock a donation are kept in the loop about what their engagement has meant. 

We retarget all those who have unlocked a donation with a video from the charity which not only thanks these people for their time and donation but also gives more insight into what the donation is going towards. 

We like to ensure there is a full circle experience for users in Views For Change campaigns.

About The InSOLVEncy Company

The family-run Insolvency practice has over 50 years of collective experience helping clients and are passionate about providing straightforward, specialist advice to help give you peace of mind.

Whether you are looking to resolve your financial difficulties or looking to liquidate your company or retire, their friendly and professional team can help.

About bibic

bibic is a national charity and exists to maximise the potential of children and young people with conditions affecting their social, communication, sensory, motor and learning abilities.

A team of highly experienced developmental therapists provide assessments and design tailored therapy programmes for every child and family to help children and young people manage their difficulties, to cope better in the world around them; parents and carers understand their child’s behaviour and needs; and teachers support struggling children emotionally and educationally.

Why bibic?

As a family run insolvency clinic that cares about people, The InSOLVEncy Company wanted to  partner with a charity that shared their values. 

They chose bibic because of their empowering impact for young people with a range of health, learning and social conditions. They were inspired by the incredible support they give to families.

Live your company’s values

We are always keen to hear from purposeful businesses looking to live their values.

If you are looking to build brand positivity, awareness and add some real value to your advertising campaigns. Book a discovery call today.

Nicola Telford

CEO & Co-Founder of Views For Change.

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