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profoundly driven by purpose.

we are generous transparent experimental optimistic

ViewsForChange founding team
ViewsFor Change Purpose

To positively change behaviour by rewarding generosity so that people, society and our planet can thrive.

ViewsForChange Vision

To change consumer and corporate behaviour through integrating generosity into traditional business models.

ViewsForChange Mission

To ensure that charitable donations are a strong incentive for behaviour change

Everything we do is underpinned by our core values

Our values mean everything to us. Each one has accompanying ‘good day’ and ‘bad day behaviours’ to help us live our values in every decision, every day.


What this means to us:

+ We believe that we are at our best when we’re supporting each other

+ We make an effort to be kind and compassionate to ourselves and others

+ We expect those with power and influence to contribute to creating a better society

+ We believe that everyone should have the ability to be a force for change

+ We believe there are infinite ways to show generosity, not just financially


What this means to us:

+ We create space for open, honest and courageous conversations

+ We believe that transparency is as important within teams as it is within technology

+ We respect and celebrate our differences as they make us stronger as a team

+ We constructively question and challenge each other as it helps us to push boundaries

+ We believe that everything we do should be visible for the team and our wider community


What this means to us:

+ We continually experiment, learn and adapt

+ We heve the courage to challenge norms, take risks and try new things

+ We trust ourselves and each other to explore new and uncertain ideas

+ We are hypothesis-led and outcome-focused

+ We are fast to act and agile in our approach


What this means to us:

+ We believe in the power of humanity and society, even in the face of crises

+ We focus on the long term, rather than obsessing over the day-to-day

+ We are optimistic about our ability to solve problems in novel and creative ways

+ We accept that not everything will go our way but we choose to look for the positives

+ We believe that all problems are solvable and all challenges can be overcome

Donations + Marketing = Real Impact

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