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9 Tiktok Advertising Best Practices

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Tiktok Advertising Tips
With thanks to Aman Ghataura, Head Of Growth at Alphagreen Group & member of the Impact Marketing Club for contributing to this article! 

Over the last few years, the social media platform TikTok has enjoyed a rapid increase in registered users. Due to its rising popularity, TikTok now presents an unmissable opportunity for brands looking to connect with their target demographic effectively.

In this article, we offer nine top tips for TikTok advertising best practices so you can create successful marketing campaigns and ultimately grow your online presence.

If you are struggling with the amount of time and costs it takes to build advertising campaigns on TikTok, consider hiring a professional advertising agency to help conserve your resources while getting the results you want.

  1. Define Your Target Demographic

Many people confuse target demographic with target audience, but these are not the same.

Target demographics are the attributes of your target audience.

To define your target demographic, you need to examine the characteristics of both populations and subsets of these populations.

This is important to do as it helps you substantiate who is most likely to purchase your services or products, which is a key aspect of your marketing strategy. Plus, by doing this, you can avoid haemorrhaging money on customer acquisition costs as your strategy has more direction.

The sort of questions you should ask about your target demographic include (but are by no means limited to):

  • Where do they live?
  • What age are they?
  • How much money do they earn?
  • What is their level of education?

2. Take Advantage of Current Trends

TikTok’s algorithm gives precedence to content based on its number of views and popularity.

Consequently, it is imperative that you keep apprised of the latest trends. It is a great idea to take advantage of trending memes and hashtags to make relevant content attractive and interesting to your target audience, as well as to multiply your brand’s reach.

By doing so, you can latch onto content that you know attracts viewers.

Also, users on TikTok will look for content that falls under trending hashtags, which can help your outreach to a new audience. 

3. Create Video Content with Optimal Timing

On TikTok, the length of your videos is essential. If your videos are too long, then the user may lose interest and move on before you are able to convey important information about your brand.

But, too short, and the message may not be clear.

TikTok metrics suggest that videos between 21 and 34 seconds long are optimal for adverts to be effective.

To get the best chance of creating an advert that will connect with your audience and ultimately drive conversions, you should aim to maximise your message for this time frame. It is a great idea to make the first three to 10 seconds particularly engaging to prevent losing viewers.

The advertisements that perform best on TikTok highlight the key product or message within the opening three seconds.

Tiktok Advertising

4. Post Regularly with Authentic Content and Monitor Performance

One invaluable tip to success with marketing on TikTok is to ensure you post often with content that is original because, in order to increase the visibility of your brand, you need to stay relevant.

One beneficial reason for posting often is that you can determine what does and does not work. Plus, it can help you experiment with different content types, so again, you can see what appeals to your target audience.

TikTok’s algorithm also lets you alter your posts based on the impressions generated. Once you have discovered a design that works, you can continue using that tried-and-tested formula to continue your success.

It is imperative to verify what works by monitoring your campaigns so you can save on money, time, and resources. Metrics that you should consider monitoring include:

  • Number of shares, likes, and comments
  • Total play time of videos 
  • Total video views 
  • Audience territories 
  • Average watch times

5. Find the Perfect Balance of Promotion with Entertainment

While TikTok allows you to entertain your audience, it is vital that you are still promoting your brand.

But, if a video seems to be too much of an advert, viewers might skip to the following video.

After all, TikTok users are looking to be entertained.

Therefore, it is important that you inform and entertain when first setting out so you can get the audience to engage with your videos.

Then, once you have established a following, you can bring in more promotional content, such as exclusive offers or tutorials with your product.

That way, you can begin to garner a connection with possible buyers.

However, all content you post should still remain fun and playful, including promotional content, to keep your brand memorable.

TikTok itself has recommended that videos stay positive and inspiring.

6. Boost Brand Awareness with Partnership

Understanding marketing on TikTok can be difficult when new or inexperienced on the platform. It can be a great idea to use others’ expertise to help you strengthen your advertising strategy.

Indeed, TikTok has a Creator Marketplace where you can find experts at creating content that is relevant and meaningful online. It can be invaluable to use the expertise of content creators to truly take your brand to the next level.

Aside from using content creators, influencers can also help your products stand out.

Influencers will have a built-in following, and using them to advertise your brand can help to increase brand visibility and awareness. Influencers can assist in connecting products with the consumer, such as by offering promotions, demonstrating products first-hand, and providing links to products in their posts. However, do not just pick a random creator with a large following.

Instead, find someone who is respected within your niche and who has a clear understanding of what your brand offers.

By utilising the experience of others, such as content creators and influencers, you can help to get your brand off the ground and give yourself valuable content to help with advertising decisions in the future.

7. Use Closed Captioning

This tip is simple yet effective.

Using captions throughout your videos can help to magnify your message whilst also making the content accessible to a larger proportion of your audience.

For instance, users scrolling through content without sound can still access your message. Captioning your content can help your advert to stand out and become more memorable. 

8. Consider 9:16 Video Format 

Users on TikTok prefer to view content in portrait mode, so you should consider a 9:16 video format to make your video as appealing as possible for your audience.

This format allows your message to take up the entire screen and helps to showcase both your product and your brand effectively.

9. Use Call to Action (CTA) Opportunities 

When you display a CTA in an advert, it forms a connection with the user.

To get features for clickable CTAs, you can go to TikTok’s Ad Manager. You can allow customers to view offers, find a location, learn more about your brand, and even click to shop deals depending on your brand’s aim.

Incorporating clickable buttons can help get more traffic to your website as well as smoothly connect your product with your audience. Moreover, clickable buttons make a more interactive experience for the user.

CTAs can increase conversion rates and is a common theme in well-performing adverts.

Plus, you will be able to provide promotional content in the future to users who choose to interact.

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