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7 Ways to Ace Your Marketing Agency Pitch to Ethical Brands in 2022

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Marketing Agency Pitch Ethical BRands

With over 80% of consumers currently planning to prioritise brands with ethical business practices, the market for responsibly sourced and eco-friendly goods is growing. As such, marketing agencies are likely to be pitching to many more ethical brands in the coming months and years.

Most businesses centred around ethical concerns make a point of working with open and honest third parties who care about making a difference to the world. As such, you’ll need to demonstrate that you’re on board with potential clients’ long-term objectives and can help deliver genuine value to their audiences.

If this sounds daunting, don’t fret – ethical brands tend to be populated by engaging and empathetic individuals who’ll give your pitch the attention it deserves. Here are a few tips for acing your agency pitch and developing a lasting relationship with an ethical brand:

Open with your value proposition


Every successful pitch starts with an impressive value proposition that hooks the audience and instantly reveals your brilliant capabilities. Try to highlight the benefits of your brand, rather than your technical features and offerings – you can get to the nitty-gritty later.

Obviously, ethical brands will want to hear about how you can benefit their specific audience niche or topics their audience’s particularly care about. Perhaps your team is keyed into specific ethical trends or know how to build gorgeous applications that certain demographics will love. Be specific about your strengths and mention any pledges or memberships you have that support your purposeful credentials. For example, are you part of the Conscious Advertising Network?

Try not to overstate your case or include too many benefits in your opening pitch. No marketing agency is completely outstanding in every niche – go into depth about your strengths and how they will benefit the prospective client.

Provide ethical brands with reliable data


Unfortunately, there are tonnes of shady marketing agencies out there who inflate their success stories and try to hook partners in by bending the truth. Obviously, you’re not running one of these businesses, but it’s important to remember that ethical brands are likely to be hypervigilant about hiring transparent third parties.

To demonstrate that you’re one of the honest marketing agencies, you’ll need to back up your claims with plenty of reliable data. Clear graphs and tables should be your best friends here. Try to avoid producing fancy graphs loaded with confusing numbers and jargon. Instead, pick out the most striking metrics and present them in an easy-to-read slide. You should also prepare to explain the implications of the data and how they demonstrate that you’re up to the job.

Give ethical brands detailed and specific information about your approach to campaigns 


So, you’ve blown your audience away with a bunch of attractive propositions and impressive results – what next? Well, you’ll need to build trust in your potential partners by walking them through your methods and tools.

Most professionals are likely to know a thing or two about, say, HubSpot or Google Analytics, so you can touch on these briefly to demonstrate your professionalism and reliability. If you’re hoping to pique audience interest, however, it’s a good idea to include some innovative tools that may not be known to your competitors.

Views For Change represents the perfect example of an innovative platform designed to do genuine good in the world. Every time an audience member clicks on an ad connected to your Views for Change account, a donation is unlocked to charity. Presenting an ethical brand with this kind of pioneering campaign plan will appeal to their company culture and help you stand out from run-of-the-mill marketing agencies. Remember to highlight how using a platform such as Views for Change will improve their corporate social responsibility strategy and enhance their brand image.

Demonstrate that you know your stuff


Although consumers tend to favour ethical brands, over two-thirds are confused about the meaning behind specific ethical icons. Your job as a marketing agency, therefore, is to show that you’re aware of these sorts of issues and have some ideas up your sleeve about how to tackle them.

Remember to do your research about your potential client’s market niche. Are they interested in environmental issues, for example? Read up on sustainability and highlight how you will tailor content to overcome common challenges within your client’s niche. You don’t need to know absolutely everything – but demonstrating that you’re willing to do your homework and tailor your approaches accordingly will build trust in your capabilities.

Be upfront about your prices


Again, ethical brands tend to be very wary of marketing agencies who aren’t open about their pricing model. Don’t worry about undercutting competitors. While the potential client is likely to hear a few pitches before selecting an agency, they’re likely to favour transparency and reliability over low prices.

Don’t avoid any questions in your agency pitch


While delivering the pitch itself may seem nerve-wracking, the trickiest part tends to be the question-and-answer session. If someone asks a question that you’re not sure about, don’t try to wing it. Attempting to cover your knowledge gaps is virtually impossible and could make you seem untrustworthy. Instead, reassure the client by admitting that you’re unsure about the answer at this stage, but are more than willing to work with them to find a solution. Willingness to collaborate and communicate is a positive sign that you’re an adaptable and hard-working team.

Don’t just use senior leaders in your agency pitch


Professionals involved in ethical brands are often hyper-sensitive to hierarchy and power. Including junior employees in your pitch will show that you value everyone in your team and care about developing their careers, rather than maintaining strict hierarchies. By extension, you’ll show that you’re about much more than making a profit – you build your business practices around people!

Adopt Views For Change in your future campaigns!


Preparing to pitch to an important ethical client? Incorporating Views For Change in your pitch could help you secure a lucrative deal. Our innovative business model is designed to help marketing agencies and brands create a positive social impact and make a difference in people’s lives in lockstep with advertising campaigns.


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