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4 Essential Trends Your Consumer Brand Can’t Ignore In 2022

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2022 marks a year of transformation like no other. Do you ever feel a bit, well, left behind?

From the invention of the Facebook Metaverse to Amazon’s checkout-less supermarkets, it is more important than ever to stay up-to-date with fast-paced business and industry trends.

Understanding and adapting to corporate and consumer demands is essential to ensure your business is thriving in the whirlwind that is 2022.

These four essential strategies offer a guide to success in your consumer brand this business year.

1. Give more this year

Accredited to the emergence of Gen-Z or an encouraged sense of community since the pandemic, it is undeniable that there is a growing focus on corporate social responsibility (or CSR).

Whilst supporting an important cause and making a social impact is enough for many; there are also a number of untapped advantages to your business affiliating, connecting and supporting a non-profit organisation.

Customer perception

It’s pretty simple really if your company is donating, consumers will view your business in a positive light. In essence, corporate giving is an ingenious marketing technique, forming an association between your company with a charity or good cause. Giving back, in turn, creates brand loyalty – customers want to feel good when they shop. 

The affiliation with charitable organisations boosts public awareness and opinion on your brand. Research even suggests that 84% of consumers said that it is vital that a company supports a charitable cause.

Increased profits 

The link between your company and non-profit organisations has the potential to massively increase your profit margins. The social consciousness of a brand is directly linked to the trust a consumer will have in that company. This is evidenced by the B Corp movement, which clearly shows that by building a business as a force for good, your business performance will improve. 

What’s more, a potential customer of your consumer brand will want to feel as though their purchase is a contribution to something bigger. 

B-corp company, Patagonia serves as a model, demonstrating how profits dramatically increase due to affiliations with non-profits. The company’s dedication to environmental causes has resonated with customers and boosted sales. Patagonia saw revenue grow by 30% in 2012 and has since doubled, largely accredited to their values. 

New user engagement 

Publicly demonstrating that your business donates to social causes will increase consumer engagement. One method of employing this advertising tactic is by deploying the Views For Change platform on your marketing campaigns. By turning consumer actions on your campaigns into ‘donation events’; you are rewarding their time and attention with a positive social impact.  

Consumers are  77% more likely to interact with adverts, increasing web traffic and sales if they are aware their interaction is beneficial. 

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2. Reach Gen-Z

Do not underestimate Gen-Z.

Let me explain – Gen-Z is a term that represents individuals currently between the ages of 10-22. Holding approximately double the spending power of Millennials, there has never been a more crucial target audience to engage and attract.

Some important considerations to appeal to Gen-Z

  • Values

Socially minded and conscious, the younger generation demonstrate a particular concern with social and environmental issues. To engage Gen-Z it is crucial that the values of your brand are ethical. Research demonstrates that 70% of Gen-Zers intend to buy from companies that are considered ethical.

  • A Cause

Similarly to giving more as a company, Gen-Z are 90% more likely to choose a brand with an affiliation to social impact. Ensure your business incorporates social impact as a business strategy to stay relevant in 2022

  • Sustainability

Sustainability in its own right is becoming extremely important for consumer brands to consider. The climate crisis will impact Gen-Z and future generations more than anyone and this is reflected in Gen-Z’s spending choices. Gen Z are 72% more likely to spend more on sustainable services and goods.

3. Develop a Sustainable Strategy

If you can care for people and the planet while increasing profits, why would you not?

Aligned with a focus on social corporate giving and a Gen-Z, going green should be at the centre of corporate strategies this year.

Companies that are beginning to consider sustainability in their business models are thriving in a competitive market. A sustainable business strategy, showing commitment to the environment gives your business a competitive edge. 

  • For example, the link between your brand and a commitment to sustainability can make the difference between a sale and not. The consumer market is becoming increasingly aware of the importance of eco-friendly businesses. 66% of consumers are more likely to buy a product from a sustainable brand and it can only increase with millennials and Gen-Z.

By streamlining your business model, your company can become more efficient and streamlined. Unnecessary waste and optimizing manufacturing can reduce costs while being far more eco-friendly.

Want to support charities that are combatting the climate crisis? Our charity discovery tool can help you find the right causes to support.

4. Make your business accessible

 Despite it seeming obvious that accessibility is necessary for an emerging business, many brands are not equipped to be universally accessible. As digital accessibility becomes a more mainstream online requirement, consumers are likely to choose a brand that shares their values.

 It is a two-way street, it is principally important for your company to be available to everyone with access needs and in return, consumers will reward you with their loyalty. 

To be the best brand in the digital age, your business must strive to meet every customer’s needs. This will open your business to consumers with access needs and promotes a positive brand perception through your commitment.

 As 86% of users with access needs, would increase spending if there were fewer difficulties – so get rid of these difficulties as a brand!

With increased awareness in 2022, it is important that all consumers feel like your company is accessible and easy to navigate. Accessibility will, in turn, improve your SEO.

To conclude

The ever-changing business world requires close attention to trending strategies for your consumer brand. This guide offers the four essential tactics for success in your consumer brand this business year. Donating, Gen-Z, sustainability and accessibility resonate as the pillars of business in 2022. 

Through an effort to engage with these trends, your consumer brand can expect bigger profit margins and better brand perception.

The essential message to take away is that business is progressing to have much more of a focus on a brand’s social responsibility.

Non-profit, good causes and charity affiliations can be harnessed to project your company.

Visit Views For Change for a demo or to chat with a member of the team about the possibility of unique advertising with an intangible link to social impact.


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