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10 Medium & Scale-Up Impact Brands To Watch Right Now

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Why Are Impact Brands So Relevant?

It is no question that people expect more from the brands they shop with today than consumers did decades ago. Now, buyers want to know that their hard earned money is going towards more than just a product – they want to shop with purpose, and for good reason too. A shift towards caring for the greater good has been on ongoing trend with Millennial and Gen Z shoppers, and impact brands are scooping up their market share by showing that they too have the same eco-conscious goals.

More and more companies are now realizing the importance of aligning their brand mission with an ambitious and charitable cause. Not only does this type of initiative spur brand loyalty and higher customer retention rates, but it can also help round out a brand’s image in the long run. If you’re looking for ways to improve your company’s quality of impact, we highly recommend checking out our recent panel event “How to Become an Impact Brand.” 

At Views For Change, we always have our eyes and ears tuned for new and innovative brands who are clearly getting impact right. For this list, we turned to our community audience and asked which brands they are loving and want to recommend to others right now!


Category: Direct-to-consumer Organic Coffee

Grind has over a decade of experience in the London roastery scene, and they’ve taken that expertise to a global e-commerce scale with organic coffee delivered wherever you are. Better yet, their coffee is sustainably grown and ethically sourced from farms using soil that is certified organic by the Soil Association! 

On top of their amazing and environmentally conscious coffee, Gen Z and Millennial consumers alike love their compostable and biodegradable, plastic-free Nespresso coffee pods. This revolutionary approach to single-use coffee pods transforms a once wasteful practice into a healthful and practical one. Grind’s impressive pod design can be home composted, and according to the company will even break down faster than grass clippings!

Delivering delicious organic coffee in a guilt free package is part of Grind’s core mission, but you can also visit them in-person at their 8 different restaurant, cocktail & espresso bar locations across London.

Grind is committed to “empowering small sustainable coffee farms.” The company is proud to let customers know all of their coffee beans are sourced directly from smallholders across the globe, which supports both their communities and independent farms.

Visit Grind: / Twitter / Instagram / Facebook / Spotify

Who Gives A Crap

Category: Eco-friendly Toilet Paper Direct-to-consumer

Started in 2012 with an ambitious humanitarian cause in mind and one successful IndieGogo campaign, Who Gives A Crap is a direct-to-consumer toilet paper brand making a big difference with their impact. Strong, soft, and eco-friendly toilet paper secured in colourful and unique wrappings make their goods an easy go-to, with the ease of subscription service to take the hassle out of planning the deliveries.

Who Gives A Crap’s mission isn’t as playful or cheeky as their moniker, either – they take the global sanitation crisis seriously. Around the world, water contaminated as a result of waste pollution contributes to upwards of 1 million deaths a year. It is because of this reason and more that 50% of their net profits go towards charities they’ve partnered with who work in the WASH program – the water, sanitation, and hygiene global initiative. 

“Being a part of a collective is what’s going to solve this crisis. Not one person, organisation or business can do it alone,” says Robin Cho, Head of Impact for the company. Over the years since they started as a business, Who Gives A Crap has donated over $10 million AUD to support partner charities in this shared cause.

Visit Who Gives A Crap: / Twitter / Instagram / Facebook

Dr Will’s

Category: Naturally Sweetened Sauces D2C

Created by a partner team of a doctor and a restauranteur, Dr Wills was born with a goal of satisfying the needs of the more savvy sauce connoisseur. With sustainable and many vegan-friendly options, they have cultivated a brand with a following of devotees that savor making conscious decisions for their bodies and the planet around them. With a to-die-for Avocado Oil Mayo, an innovative Beetroot Ketchup, Miso Tahini and plenty more, Dr Wills knows just what their trendsetting customer base is looking for.

Not only does Dr Wills go out of their way to find local and sustainable ingredients in their supply chain, they also use one of the healthiest sweetener options possible – dates! By opting for the fructose supplied by dates versus more processed cane sugar or syrup, their sauces are far healthier for the body and never contain any artificial ingredients. All of Dr Wills’ sauces also come packaged in reusable and recyclable attractive glass bottles!

According to their brand statement, “It’s our mission to make sure our sauce makes food better in every way, so all of our sweetness comes from natural sources. We use dates, tomatoes and apples,” instead of the types of sweeteners used by many other leading brands like Heinz, which can have up to 20 grams of sugar per serving!

Visit Dr Wills: / Twitter / Instagram


Category: Subscription-based D2C Razors

Estrid is a brand that values equality and inclusion above all, and those core values are what their mission statement is all about. Available in all the colours of the rainbow, Estrid’s stylish line of gender neutral razors are meant to fight back against gender-based discriminatory pricing, and provide a better alternative for everyone no matter when or why they choose to shave!

With a totally vegan end product that uses no animal products or testing, Estrid makes a stainless steel razor that will last longer than the competition. Since their razors are cruelty-free and long-lasting, they have a sustainable impact on the market, and help consumers make conscious buys all while feeling good in their own skin.

“You’re always in control and invited to our party, no matter why or how often you choose to shave.” – Estrid

Visit Estrid: / Instagram / Facebook / Tiktok / LinkedIn

Lucky Saint

Category: Vegan Alcohol-free Beer – Direct-To-Consumer & Retailers

Utilizing techniques mastered in a 400 year-old Bavarian brewery, Lucky Saint was created to satisfy the thirsts of those looking for a truly exceptional alcohol-free beer. There is one key difference between their lager and those brewed traditionally – Lucky Saint leaves their brew unfiltered, preserving all the citrusy notes and aromas. This innovation and twist on tradition is inline with the step of Gen Z shoppers, so it’s no wonder why this fashionable brand made it on this list.

For Mental Health Awareness Week 2022, Lucky Saint teamed up with ASCND to provide mental health first aid training to riders in the wider cycling community. They made a commitment to radical change by helping to provide accredited training on how to identify and aid someone experiencing a mental health crisis, a critical issue often not discussed or considered.

“Pilsner was a product of the people who rejected the establishment, who went against the grain and created a true original. Two hundred years later, a new revolution in beer has begun…” – Lucky Saint Co.

Visit Lucky Saint: / Instagram / Facebook


Category: D2C Eco-friendly Cleaning Products 

Touted as the most beloved cleaning product in the UK (and fans would agree), Smol is on the cutting-edge of sustainable household brands. All of their goods come packaged in reusable and recyclable packs to cut down on waste and help keep harmful chemicals out of the home.  

Since launching in 2018, Smol is proud of what they have accomplished as a company. Through innovative manufacturing practices and choosing materials that have a healthier impact on the planet, they have saved: 834 tonnes of plastic, 2,318 tonnes of chemicals, 12,996 tonnes of carbon, 25 tonnes of animal fat, and 604,733 litres of water – wow!

“We believe that each of us, every person, every customer, every action, no matter how small, can contribute towards a better world.” – Smol

Visit Smol: / Instagram / Facebook

What if marketing could also have a positive impact?

Impact Marketing This Way


Category: CBD Tampons Direct-to-consumer

As a brand that has committed to the ideal of radical transparency, Daye is a women’s health brand on a mission to help bring up the standards for the market. Their CBD-infused tampons promote a happy, healthy and feel-good period. Daye provides a sense of wellness and security in their company by providing all their medical research up front for consumers to peruse at their leisure. To put it simply, Daye has nothing to hide in their products, and they’re proud of that fact!

Part of Daye’s dedicated blog space is attributed not only to the medical research behind their products, but groundbreaking health discussions as well. Through their Vitals space, specialists and experts come together to share their knowledge on subjects not often discussed. Namely their series, Taboo, touches on extremely important issues for women’s health.

“Sustainability to us doesn’t just mean the health and happiness of the planet; it means the wellbeing of the company and everyone who’s part of it.” – Daye

Visit Daye: / Twitter / Instagram / Facebook / Tiktok / Pinterest / Youtube


Category: D2C Medical grade reusable menstrual products 

Mooncup was created to help abolish single-use plastics and other monthly disposables that women are used to. Known as the original silicone menstrual cup, Mooncup is a healthful choice with a sustainable impact on the planet. Free of the chemicals that many women’s hygiene products are known for, the growing consumer trend towards options like their product is due to the greater shift in global health consciousness. Now more than ever, Gen Z shoppers are inclined to do research on what they’re putting on and in their bodies, and make better buying choices based on the practice.

As the world’s first hypoallergenic menstrual cup, Mooncup has been changing the way women experience their periods since 2002. Spread initially by viral word-of-mouth marketing campaigns, to this day the brand is committed to in-person awareness and still sets up a booth at Glastonbury every year!

Mooncup’s Senior Marketing Manager, Lena Koskela, recently joined us on our ‘How To Become An Impact Brand’ panel event. Rewatch here.

Visit Mooncup: / Twitter / Instagram / Facebook / Youtube / Pinterest

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    Category: Plant-based Direct-to-consumer Ready Meals

    Founded with the struggles many new vegans and plant-based eaters face, the creators of Allplants are on a mission to provide easy meals without sacrificing on quality or taste. All of their ready meals are only frozen once, so this helps to ensure retention of as much nutrition as possible. Oh, and did we mention they’re delicious too?

    Customers can select from a variety of options and build their own health-conscious staples. Shipped in sustainable boxes, Allplants allows customers to return them to the company or just recycle at home!

    Visit Allplants: / Twitter / Instagram / Facebook

    Mindful Chef

    Category: Subscription-based Recipe Box

    Founded in 2015, Mindful Chef has been on a mission for nearly a decade to deliver fresh local produce and more to anyone with a mind for healthy eating. They craft recipes with ingredients that never include any complex carbohydrates or refined sugars, making your meals work for your body rather than against it.

    Mindful Chef is proud to be a B Corporation, showcasing their commitment as a company to sourcing ethically produced and sustainably grown ingredients. Since September 2017, they’re partnered with charity One Feeds Two to donate over 12 millions meals to school children in need.

    “From our team to our wider community, we put people at the heart of everything we do. By putting people first, we know we can have a positive impact on society.” – Mindful Chef

    Visit Mindful Chef: / Twitter / Instagram / Facebook

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