change your view of marketing value

enhance your advertising performance while making an impact: 


more likely users will watch a 1 minute video to the end with Views For Change


longer average watch time with our model than a normal advertising campaign


users watch our videos to 25% compared to just 47% without a donation


giving, good & growing your brand

– an infographic exploring the impact of giving on brand positivity, purchasing intent & engagement intent.

How It Works…

01. Advertise

We use existing video and social media advertising for platforms from Facebook to Youtube, Instagram to Snapchat.

02. Innovate

We wrap these adverts in our innovative donation model and distribute them to your audiences.

03. Donate

When people choose to give a bit of attention to an ad, they unlock a free donation funded by the advertiser.

04. Elevate

Each person that unlocks a donation is retargeted by your chosen charity to let them know where their donation has gone.

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“we immediately loved the concept of giving to charity as a reward for engagement with our campaign.

as a people focused company, this initiative is a great way for us to show our values in action.

for many, this will be their first engagement with our brand so to be able to say we’re donating to a cause that matters to us as a ‘thank you for your time’ really gets the relationship off to a great start.”

Stephanie Buckley, The Solve Co

Views For Change is a Bristol based, innovative & ethical advertising agency with a view to changing the advertising industry for good.

Nicola & Ozzy have owned previous marketing agencies and felt that the advertising industry could be more purposeful. On a mission to change the view of marketing value; Views for Change was born.

With a key focus on improving brand positivity, creating meaningful connections with audiences whilst donating to charity; Views For Change is a new way of running digital advertising campaigns with purpose and improvement at the heart.

Watch Nicola & Ozzy chat about why they started Views For Change; the challenges & ambitions; and why businesses should engage in this new type of purposeful digital advertising.

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giving, good & growing your brand

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